Passenger headlight is out

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Passenger headlight is out

Postby 2low2go » Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:36 pm

Sup e36-tech!

I got my '98 323is not too long ago and love everything about it but now i developed/discovered couple issues with the car. It already had euro projector headlights with hid's and they worked fine till yesterday. The whole right headlight went out, throwing the low beam failure code. After looking at the harness going to the headlight i noticed that 1 of the 4 plug connectors was broken off. i found those connectors at radio shack today and after plugging it up, still no low/high beam. I checked all the fuses, bulbs and connections. I haven't found the hid ballast yet but i dont think its bad since the whole headlight doesn't work and the high beams don't use the ballast....any ideas guys? i really need this fixed.

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Re: Passenger headlight is out

Postby Caligula » Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:12 am

Use a circuit tester to check if there is current going to the plugs, as well you may have hooked the plugs up incorrectly. Look on page ELE-187 in the Bentley manual, you will see that the high and low beams for that light are on separate circuits. If youre not getting power to the plugs, then its most likely fuses or both relays.
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