R4TED M's Build Log/Project

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R4TED M's Build Log/Project

Postby R4TED M » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:05 pm


I have a 1999 BMW M3 with the HK audio package. Most of the speakers are blown and it sounds like complete ass. So instead of punching my door every time I drive my car as a failed way to stop the popped speaker from rattling/making a shitty sound.

I'm going to redo my system. Now I'm not an audio expert or a custom fabricator by any means. I'm simply trying to make my car not sound like **** since its my daily driver and while I'm at it add some punch to it. Not looking for overwhelming punch. Like "Yo DAWG yo system is Powndin" But something that will work for my own needs.

My needs also involve use of the trunk and being able to remove both the amp/sub and possibly the spare tire if I decide to go to the track (I have tracked my previous car a few times but it's not gonna be a frequent thing). As well as all this sub and amp equipment not eating up all my trunk space. Thus I want to make the box as narrow as possible.

Plan/Preliminary part list:

Get a 3 way component set. I'm looking into the Precision Power PC3.65C 3 way component set. If you know of Precision Power you would know it USED to be a good brand until it was bought out by a company which caused the products to become absolute crap. Yet, the company was bought out yet again (over the last few years) by another company which owns other quality brands and is attempting to regain the Precision Power name for what it used to be. The component set I have listed above has great reviews if you look it up and people compare it to one of the higher line/brands. So for my personal application I think it will be more then sufficient. Since I'm not planning to attend any audio shows or anything. Just have something that to enjoy music in my car.


My friend has a two set that I've heard and it sounds amazing.

*No rear speakers
*1 or 2 (haven't decided yet) Digital Designs (DD) 1000 Series Sub-woofer in a ported box.

Placement/installation plans:

If it's a 3 way system replace the door speakers and toss in the mid range in the kick panel were the existing one is.

If I go two way put both speakers in the kick panel.

Regardless I will put a peice of MDF on the kick panel to give it some more room for the magnet and air space so the mid rang will look like this
My option is to add a tweeter down their as well (if i go the two way route) or if i go three way close all holes in the front with a speaker.

In the trunk obviously their will be a sub or two in their but I'll cover it up with a beauty board. Similar to the one pictured:
I don't care to have my subs out and about to show them off. If I so choose too I can just pop off the velcroed beauty board.


More thought and some action taken:
I've decided on 2 10" Morel sub-woofers in a sealed box and a 2 way Morel component set.

the 2 way Morel Componet set:

I listed to the Morel sub in my friends car (the store put one in a factory enclosure and allowed us to wire it up to a friends system) It sounded amazing. Pounded when you want it to pound and blended very well.
The center portion that says Morel looks stainless. It's a beautiful looking sub-woofer.

I approximated this entire install costing me about 2k

Oh and the amp:
this will control both the subs and the component speakers
Soundstream REF2.370

I will probably have a little cubby looking thing behind one of the tail lights that has a cover that shows the amp. But I can cover it up to retain the look like a factory trunk.
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Re: R4TED M's Build Log/Project

Postby euro2fast4u » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:19 am

thhis is pretty :D
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Re: R4TED M's Build Log/Project

Postby R4TED M » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:39 am

euro2fast4u wrote:thhis is pretty :D


More updates:

Purchased today:

2 10inch Morel Primo Subs
Morel Tempo 5 components

Amp for subs: Memphis 16-PR1.1000
Amp for front components: Memphis Audio PR2100
Both amps look like: Image

edit-more notes:

Each sub needs 1 cube but I'm going to try to utilize the height of the trunk and how wide the trunk is effectively to possibly make the box take up less room in the trunk
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