Anyone replace their starter?

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Anyone replace their starter?

Postby JayMac » Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:30 pm

I think I have a starter going bad. It turns but doesn't engage the flywheel all of the time. It is worse after track events, if that makes any sense. After the event in April it acted up for about a 2 week period and then went away completely. We just ran at AMP in Georgia 2 weeks ago and it is acting up again. Starter turns but does not engage the flywheel all of the time. I am going to order one on Monday and have it here when this this eventually takes a dump! I have gotten it to engage by lightly tapping the bottom of the tranny so I am thinking it may be sticking if that is possible.

After reading up on this I see that there are two types of starters, threaded and un-threaded. I think on the '97 it is threaded and I remember watching the new flywheel go in and they just hit the bolts from the back with a couple of long extensions and the air tools. So here are my questions for this project:

Am I correct in assuming that this can be done from the bottom of the car without removing the manifold? I have a lift and the e sockets and swivels, I just need some more extensions.

Can the starter be cleaned up and reused, assuming that it is dirt and crud built up over time that is causing this not to engage?

In the event you have to go in from the top can you just remove the crap up to the manifold and get at the necessary bolt?

I am looking to install a Bosch SR0448X. Just verifying that this is threaded and the nuts are not needed.

I found a couple of pics to help me with what I am looking for: Yellow indicate the location of the starter bolt when going at this from the rear..

Green and red arrows indicate bolt and nut for non threaded starters.

Any thoughts or tips are appreciated up to and including letting someone else do this. 1997 328is
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Re: Anyone replace their starter?

Postby st3althbeam328i » Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:04 am

Its been awhile since I replaced it, but from what I remember you would have to remove the manifold to access it. Kind of a pain in the ass since there's barely any room to work with, but with a couple of beers it can be done 8)
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Re: Anyone replace their starter?

Postby JayMac » Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:30 pm

Any job measured in beers is worth doing!
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Re: Anyone replace their starter?

Postby WerewolfCustoms » Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:52 pm

I've replaced mine in less than an hour. I did take off the intake manifold. It really wasn't hard... (Talking about a 6cyl M50 engine)
But, when I tried to replace it on a 4cyl M43, I found out that it was a real PITA... In the end, my mechanic replaced it in about 30 minutes, working from underneath the car...
Weird... :lol:
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Re: Anyone replace their starter?

Postby DEFKON99 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:46 pm

it could be a pain in the ass from the bottom as you still need to disconnect the terminals not to mention putting them back on could be a challenge.
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