95 M3 GT35R Build

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95 M3 GT35R Build

Postby ego sum lupus » Mon May 17, 2010 1:57 am

Ok, so I am building a Turbo 95 m3 for my wife. :shock: It is a 5 speed Alpine white coupe that we picked up for a song. I am looking to put down somewhere around 425-450 rwhp and be stone cold reliable as it is her daily driver. :twisted: I am a diesel mechanic, and this isn't my first build, however it is my first BMW build. I have taken care of the current mechanical needs with a new vanos and guides, guibo, and universal joints. New bilstein shocks and struts, new aluminum radiator, and twin Walbro Pumps for the fuel side.

Here's where I need some advice from you guys. Top Mount or Bottom mount on the turbo? Good or bad of both setups and 15 psi with or without methanol injection. I am gonna be running mega squirt for my stand alone, as I have had excellent results in the past. Please let me hear your thoughts and comments on this setup. Any input is much appreciated. :eatpop Image
Ego Sum Lupus

95 M3 5 speed GT35R Build in progress.....

Looking for a non running 850 manual....Pm me if you have one
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Re: 95 M3 GT35R Build

Postby MikeE36 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:51 pm

Bottom mount is preferred for lower CG, lower under hood temps, retaining AC, and a more simple downpipe routing.

Top mount is mainly for looks, or gigantic turbochargers. (Read: GT42R or GT45 or something like that) The SPA bottom mount manifold is a very high flowing, quality cast unit, that is based off of a tubular. It would be a good setup for you, with a T4 GT35R.

With a .140" Cometic MLS headgasket, and ARP2000 head studs, 425-450whp is no problem on a stock motor. Sounds like you're already on the right track. Good luck!

You should be in the 425-450 range at around 13-14psi with an S50 and GT35R. (Assuming a good exhaust)

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