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Discuss general and Technical 1991 - 1999 BMW e36 Turbocharging & Supercharging information & questions here. pppppssssssssssssstttttt! Whether its building up that nasty Euro S52 for mild boost or prepping that that non-vanos m50 for 30lbs of boost, share your experiences, tips, and build threads here.

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Postby TheStance » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:00 pm

It wont make more power consider that most vehicles that come factory twin turbo such as supras ,skylines etc..when they make max power they all switch to a large single. What you will gain from a twin turbo set up is insane spool up as well as drive ability with a useable power range that would make street drivn fun at any rpm a blast !! Now when your talking twin turbo remember that the header would have to a one piece unit with two bolt on sections for your turbo. The reasoning is that you want the first three ports that fire up in sequence to feed your first turbo this would increase spool rate. A small suggestion if I may consider a small turbo for your first manifold and a larger turbo for the last 3 cylinders hopefully you can obtain a sequential setup where the smaller turbo helps spool the larger turbo just a thought ?
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