RMS supercharger leak diagnosis

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RMS supercharger leak diagnosis

Postby Caligula » Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:44 pm

Im helping a friend out with a 98 M3 with an RMS supercharger kit installed. Its this same car talked about here:

He has no tools or air compressor, so being in the area, i came by to run a few tests. The main issue were having is an overheating issue, with oil in the coolant. As well is is not running very smoothly.

I was able to perform a compression test and the results were very low, but even, all within 140-150psi. Adding oil to the cylinders raised them to 180-190psi. Is this a sign of a new thicker head gasket.

Also the engine is an S52, but the head has on temperature sensor as it should, along with a plugged port on the head next to it, where the second sensor for an M50/S50 system would be. Correct me if im wrong but that means this head is off an M50/S50.

I had a vacuum gauge with me and hooked it up, cranking gave 0-3in, not steady. Idle seemed ok, but low at first. Snap test put vaccum to about 26in, back to zero, then back to 18-19in. Seems ok, though its not responding the same as a n/a, so im calling these inconclusive until i have more info.

Like i said, there is oil in the coolant. As well there are oil leaks from the bottom of the supercharger, from the intake manifold where it meets the head, and off the PCV system. One thought is that the seal in the timing case might have blown, though ive have never heard of this happening before. It comes to mind because the owner replaced the water pump and thermostat without the proper tools or procedures.

Suggestions? Im going to be going back with a propane tank to check for leaks and my coolant pressure tester to confirm the cooling system is holding pressure.
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Re: RMS supercharger leak diagnosis

Postby euro2fast4u » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:23 am

sounds like he lifted the head. but the compression numbers are pretty good. i bet the head gasket is done
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