Proper (or modified) injectors for active E36 C30 kit

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Proper (or modified) injectors for active E36 C30 kit

Postby kc7rjk » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:59 pm

Hello group,
The car is a 1992 325i M50 non vanos. I got a used SC kit from Dynotech in CA that had little hours on a race car and it checked out Aok. I didn’t get a clear answer if they included the higher flow injectors originally included with the AA SC kit. The injectors they sent me had the same green top and part numbers as the stock M50’s did. They asked if I had a wide band sensor and I said yes, then they said to run them and look for a lean condition. Well I don’t like that idea after I’ve put countless hours and dollars into this m50 rebuild. They said AA modifies stock injectors used in some of there kits... Really I’ve never heard that. The kit was originally sold many many years ago so maybe that’s possible when injectors were less affordable. I just don’t want to possibly damage this engine due to detonation on a hunch. I’ve already broke in the rebuilt engine with my old mods and tune and it’s running great, which was finally a relief after the followers pumped up, thought I built a diesel after the first start... Thanks for reading in.

PS I'm asking here last minute because i was planning on finishing the installation tonight and AA is closed. It's in the paint process now also, and the painters are asking for the chassis back from the fab shop. I'd like to have it running either with or without the SC to move it. Preferably with SC to avoid re-work. Color hot rod green, A matte dark army green with nice shean on it. BTW

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