Air, fuel, and a spark, thats what makes every one of these Bavarian powerhouses churn at up to 7000RPM. Discuss all 1992-1999 BMW 3 series motors here. Including all M50, S50, M52, S52, M42, and M44 variants.


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In 1995 Dr Gas offered an X-pipe to replace the 1995 pre-catalyst merge. The 1996+ true twin-pipe catalyst section had better flow and Dr Gas dropped his production of an E36 X-pipe.

I think there is the possibility of some benefit to adding a X-pipe in the OBDII system, don't know what it would do to the post-catalyst sensors or how they might behave.
I have found on V8's with headers with a cross-over (H-pipe) that the engine makes slightly more torque.
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