Multiple Sets(Pairs) of Rainbow Audio IQ Line E36 Direct Fit

Multiple Sets(Pairs) of Rainbow Audio IQ Line E36 Direct Fit

Postby m3alpine99 » Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:03 pm

From Rainbow Audio Site:

For the car audio enthusiast wishing for the perfect audio experience without a lot of trouble and inconvenience, the IQ Line component systems are just the right choice.

IQ Line speakers promise the right sound for when you’re on the move - and they keep their word. The speakers are acoustically tuned for optimal performance and fit perfectly - to the millimeter - in most standard automobiles. You can easily install them yourself with just some basic mechanical and technical knowledge. And, if you later decide to sell your car and prefer to hang on to your Rainbow IQ Line speakers, you can remove them easily without leaving behind any traces. All IQ Line components are precisely dimensioned for specific car models in order to provide the most finely tuned acoustics for each model, making IQ Line the most intelligent solution.

For drivers leasing their cars the decision virtually makes itself; speakers have to fit exactly or not at all. Since this model-specific adaptation is only mechanical and optical in nature, IQ Line systems bring the same uncompromising sound quality as Rainbow’s universal systems. Perfect sound is ensured thanks to car-specific acoustic tuning. This is achieved through separate crossovers on the left and right to precisely balance the phase and level of the different axes from the mid-ranges and tweeters installed in the original factory locations.

This is a direct fitment for BMW E36 but can easily fit any 5.25" component system. Search the net for Rainbow Audio speaker reviews and you will see the quality and amazing sound you get from these speakers :)

Tweeter 1" Direct Fitment/Replacement of OEM Tweeter Housing
Vented Tweeter Housing
Silk Dome

Midbass 5.25" Direct Fitment/Replacement
Vented Aluminum Voice Coil
Vented Magnet System

MSRP ~400
Internet Sale Price ~350

Asking 200 shipped per set. They come with boxes, manuals and everything that they normally would come with. I have a couple sets. Was going to put some in the M3 and the 328iC and only did the front of the 328iC. They really jam. You could run them off the OEM amp and connect them to OEM wiring or amp them and really jam them out!

Tweeter Pair
Midbass Pair
Crossover w/ Tweeter Attenuation

Speakers are in the front with crossovers. Will come with box but not the sub and amps ;)


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Re: Multiple Sets(Pairs) of Rainbow Audio IQ Line E36 Direct Fit

Postby Caligula » Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:27 pm

Fuck my poor life. I would love to replace my cut up door panels and put these in the new ones.
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