24hours of LEMMONS!!!!!

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24hours of LEMMONS!!!!!

Postby nathanlauz » Mon May 30, 2011 1:47 pm

so i just found out we have a 24hr race at Stafford Motor Speedway up here in CT. ik this years sign up date mis well past, but i am headed off to tech school for auto technicianstarting in august so im bringing my 325is with me to fix it up cause it has a blown head gasket and needs a clutch. as soon as its in mint running condition im stripping it out to where it aways should be. one seat, three pedals, a shifter and a steering wheel. then off to the lemmons i go!!! its just a small oval track so who knows what else is coming and what kind of racing it may be. either way im gonna blast! itd be great to see any other beater beamers or just any other e36ers that come to the show! maybe an e36-tech spnsored car?
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