1998 328iC 165K -- Rear Rebuild Questions

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1998 328iC 165K -- Rear Rebuild Questions

Postby rdp2n » Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:04 pm

What started as a rear bearing job has expanded somewhat. I had to get the trailing arms off because the axles were seized in the hubs. So I decided to replace all the bushings and to do that the diff needs to be shifted. I pulled the rear subframe, too.
Should I replace the springs? (They look fine)
Should I replace the spring padding? (upper, lower -- they look a bit compressed)
Should I replace the 4 bolts securing the subframe to the underside of the car?
The 2 bolts securing the subframe toward the front of the car have shoulders. What torque should they be installed at into the car (ie up to the shoulder)? Then, following the subframe replacement there are nuts securing the subframe on the protruding half of these bolts -- what torque should these be set at? Haven't seen this install detailed anywhere --

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