My E36 project

Want someplace to tell about all the plastic parts you broke doing your interior swap? Or what about the pics of your foot after you dropped your transmission on it? Post up the epic project threads here from all the days you've spent working on your E36.

My E36 project

Postby chapel » Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:07 am

So, I just had the Post-Purchase Inspection done and here's the results

Rear springs are new, but wrong
front shocks not oem, front strut mounts look like aftermarket or lowering mounts
rear shocks are OEM and rotted. needs replacement.
oil leak from VANOS line
newly installed valve cover gasket leaking because PO did not put RTV on the corner
Serp belts need replacing
front swaybar bushings are gone
intake boot dry rotted and cracked
lower ball joint rubber collapsed, needs replacement
AC Condensor leaking

Also had my UUC short shift kit installed with new Delrin front carrier bushings, new OEM rear carrier bushing, new selector shaft joint, new clutch pedal bushings.

I just need to prioritize the list and figure what goes first and what goes last.

So basically I'm going to need to find the time and budget to do the following:

Front Control arm kit($220-370 depending on what I get and if I go poly for the FCABs) can hopefully be done DIY at my leisure... hopefully. Here are my options:
[url=""]Control arm kit with tie rods, Polyurethane FCABS and swaybar end links - $375[/url]
[url=""]OEM style heavy duty kit with tie rods, FCABS and swaybar end links - $325[/url]
[url=""]OEM Control arm kit with saybar end links and FCABS (tie rods) - $260[/url]
[url=""]OEM control arm kit with swaybar end links (no FCABs) - $220[/url]

I think I should probably do the FCABs. I wish I could get a kit that was like the top one without the tie rod ends.

VANOS Oil line ($20 from Rockauto). Totally DIY

Full Suspension kit (Suspension Techniques Suspension kit). Was planning on coilovers, but the need for other things has outweighed that entirely, so I'm going to go with a standard suspension kit and hope the drop it provides is adequate. I think I'm looking to either go 40mm front and rear or 30mm front, 15mm rear. The biggest thing is that I need to figure out if I should get [url=""]all new shock/strut mount kits...[/url] that adds another $200 or so

Intake boot simple enough

Serpentine Belts again, simple enough. Just not sure if I should also do the tensioners...

obviously I'll need to budget the control arms and suspension into one big job for maximum ease.

I may also just fix the rear suspension with used bits to save some money too. If I can get rear springs and shocks for $150 or so, I'll be golden
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Re: My E36 project

Postby JFM325is » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:58 pm

I got rear shocks and springs. Billstien and h&r oe sports. they dont have the shock tower mounts but you cant take those off the old ones. Ill give them to you for $150 plus shipping
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