Tail light clean up

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Tail light clean up

Postby JayMac » Sat May 07, 2011 12:13 pm

As part of my painting project I pulled the tail lights today. If you keep your car outside you might consider doing this. There was a boat load of crap sitting on top of the tail light housings. This would make a perfect recipe for rust. Whole thing take less than 1 hour.
Remove your tail light cover by twisting the handle on the rear inside the trunk. Then disconnect the wiring harness.One plug.
Then remove the four nuts from the back of the light assembly. A little bump outward with your fist and out she comes.Here are a few photos:
Wiring harness plug. Notice all of the crap on the top of the assembly.

The the nuts come of the corners. 8mm.

Then clean up the crap.
In most cases a little water and mirofiber towel should do it.
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